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We are the only life coaching company that focuses on helping people over 50 achieve their dreams

Our Story. Our Values.



Dip.Life Coaching; Practice Manager

Jan is our Chief Executive and Life Coach.  She helps people realise their potential in a fun and practical way.

Jan has worked in a number of countries helping people, developing ideas and looking to make a difference to peoples' lives. At one point she turned 50 and found she was no longer happy. But also there was no-one to turn to for help. She co- founded TQT to fill this gap to help people mid-life regain their happiness.Her mantra is  enjoy your life, have fun and help others. More here



 B.Sc.(Hons) MBA Dip. Life Coaching

Martin is our Creative Director and Life Coach. He works with people developing their ideas and helping them putting plans into action. In a diverse career Martin has worked around the world helping develop leaders, managers and communities. He believes Arthur Ashe nailed it with " Start  where you are, use what you have, do what you can".

Bench on Autumn Leaves


Helping people remake themsleves

Third Quarter Tribe's life coaches work with people looking to find more balance in their lives, change careers, find work, start a business or change themselves in some way.  We know what it's like to be alone, what it's like to take a risk, and step into the unknown.  We are here to help whenever you need it.

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