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social innovation group

University of Exeter (Evaluation Partner)

The Social Innovation Group is a multi-disciplinary team of researchers who work on place-based and person-centred issues. We collaborate with organisations in the third sector, health and social care, the environment sector, and local and regional government, to create positive change in communities and improve people's wellbeing.

bright young things

University of Brighton (Marketing Partner)

Bright Young Things is a marketing agency based in Brighton run by marketing, PR and business students studying at the University of Brighton. By being able to work with young, professional students, you get brand new insights and creative ideas to business problems you want to solve and objectives you want to achieve. Bringing fresh perspectives from a diverse range of students

be heard

Podcast Production

  • Maximise your audio quality

  • Edit out mistakes

  • Format your show

  • Create intros, outros, adverts

  • And much much more 


Pen&Pixel is a new, friendly & freelance design studio that strives to produce fresh ideas and original concepts.



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Social Innovation Group

University of Exeter




Bright Young Things

University of Brighton

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