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What are Keywords?

If you are designing your own website or have a friend doing it for you makes sure you have done TWO things.

1. Make sure you have a clear H1 Tag with each page name – on each page (usually the page title). This makes it clear to the search engine crawlers what they are reading

2. Keywords

Keywords are approaching mythical status. But they are … as they say.. key. Keywords or short phrases reflect what the people you are trying to reach might type themselves as a search phrase. So for example if you are looking for a dog walker you might write “dog walker”. Better, you might search for “dog walker in Brighton” . If you run a dog walking business, they are your keywords. Including a location means the search which will better match your local market if you own a dog walking business in Brighton.

So keywords are ideas and topics that define your content. In the jargon of SEO, they're called "search queries." Essentially if you had to sum up your site into one or two key words and phrases – they are your keywords.

They are important because they separate you from non-relevant enquiries but better, they match your site with what people are searching for. Similarly, your page content will match a specific need people are looking for. So for our dog walker, content will be about times, services, prices, locations etc . To drive traffic the site may have more general content about dog walking and dog health. But you probably wouldn’t have content about cats! Making sure you use keywords that match and are used in that content ensures the search engine crawlers find enough content to decide your site is a genuine bona fide site. Beware – make sure your key words are specific. Searching for “walkers” may bring different results than “dog walkers” so you need to specify “Dog Walking” as keywords.

Understanding you customers here is very helpful. You can even ask them what they search for and use that feedback in improving your site. There are also some online tools that can help. E.g. Google AdWord: Keyword Planner.

In short make sure you have the right key words If you have outsourced the web design you will be asked for your keywords. Give them some thought!

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