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Style and Substance. Looking good - feeling great!

It’s one thing to update your CV and get that interview but have you thought about updating yourself? We all make instant judgments about the people we meet. Think about the people you have met recently...the way they look, dress and sound. What did you say to yourself about them? You may be young at heart but if you don’t look the part then you may be instantly dismissed as not the person to fit into a younger team. Same goes for when you have the job, you want to be able to blend in with others around you.

Now, don’t get us wrong - you don’t have to wear a mini skirt or impossibly tight trousers that don’t suit a more `mature” shape. But you might want to think again about the suit that you keep for special occasions and interviews. If you have had it a while, the styling will most likely be out of touch and by today’s standards, it will be too formal for most job opportunities.

So take stock of your wardrobe. What fits comfortably? What looks a bit threadbare? What haven’t you worn in the last year? Start by throwing out the stuff you haven’t worn, doesn't fit or is past it. Now, look at what you have left. Figure out how you can build a new style around it.


Why not try a pair of smart but casual trousers with a jacket and casual shoes rather than a suit? If the position you are going for requires a suit have a look at the shape of the trousers - well-tailored flat fronted trousers rather than drain pipes look better mature figures. Have a look at the following website for ideas:

Also worth taking a look at your hairstyle and facial hair, is it worth trying something new? This site is worth a read and they have other great tips too!


As we age our body shape changes and that’s not just about how much we weigh, and this is particularly true for women. Skin tone, hair colour, and quality also change with the menopause. This can affect the style and colour of clothes and makeup so it’s worth taking a look at your body shape and re-creating your style to suit. The following article has some interesting tips:

And for up to date hairstyles there is something for everyone one on the following site. Don’t be afraid to be grey, or to be coloured:

Don’t forget your makeup, nothing dates you more than your eyebrow style or colour of eyeshadow. The following site has some great tips and its not just for Gran’s!

If you feel good, you feel more confident and if you are asking an employer to invest in you, why not invest in yourself a little too!

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