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Over 50 and NOT on the Scrapheap. Job hunting for new beginners

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Looking for work after you are 50 is not easy. The recruiters are younger. You feel invisible. Language is different. Even the jokes are not the same…

But the idea that you are written off when you pass 50 is wrong. You make it wrong. How? The first thing is to take comfort, more and more over 50’s are looking to change gear, switch downshift or just change what and how they do it. We all need an income and with mortgages being paid off later or simply just needing to pay rent we are all going to be working longer. We know it is not easy. It can be stressful, lonely and a little scary. But don’t give up – help is out there.

So what are your options? Start with yourself. How flexible are you be prepared to be? If you are looking for the same job as your last one with all the benefits you are going to find it difficult. If on the other hand, you do an inventory of yourself, strengths weaknesses, ambitions, etc you can look at it as an opportunity to reapply that knowledge and those skills in something completely different. Don’t be held captive by your past and don’t think you can make a fresh start. Challenge your expectations.

Here are some thoughts. If looking to be employed, work on your CV. CVs change overtime and fashions come and go in their presentation. Layouts, keywords, formats, and media can all be used well or badly. Find out what’s current. And don’t forget many CV’s are first analysed by AI software before they are considered by a person. Leave off your age, focus on achievements and keep it short – the last 10 years are the most important.

Interviews have changed too. You may be out of practice and definitely you will be interviewed by younger people at some point. Prepare and Practice and find out what and how to say things. Remember you are marketing yourself.

Look at what sort of income you really need. Can it be achieved with a 4-day week? Or part-time? Gig Economy? Temporary or interim? Turn your hobby into an income earner? Coach? Consultant? Trainer? You may have more options than you thought.

Look at yourself. Would you hire you? We may all loathe fashionistas but equally looking like someone from a different era won’t help you. Change your hair, clothes, and shoes.

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