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Over 50 and behind bars. The wrong sort.

The difficulties of imposed isolation and then being left behind when you are over 50

Whether you are self-isolating due to an illness or staying at home due to the Government guidelines around the Covid 19 infection the effects can be tough, living alone or with other family members.

In the same way that people experience physical and emotional difficulties when they are being held captive or are in isolated situations such as working in a cut-off area of the world, we can feel similar effects in the current conditions of our own homes, such as loneliness, isolation, panic, anxiety or depression. Unfortunately, some symptoms of anxiety are also symptoms that some have reported with the Coronavirus, such as shortness of breath, problems with digestion or muscle pains, adding to our lack of certainty about our physical health, and what we should do.

Currently, there is no clear endpoint for our current situation, no certain plans or guidance for the future, and no knowing what that future will bring. In fact, it has been reported that things will not be going back to the normal of our lives in March - that there will be new norms in place

And what about employment? What happens when those with jobs are allowed back in some way and others are left behind? Will the new norm be more working from home, higher personal costs, more isolation, and reliance on technology rather than face to face contact and social connectivity? We are already seeing reports of companies releasing senior staff, staff with long employment histories, or those who may have more favourable employment conditions. Often these people are 50 and over. Will we be a generation that is bypassed in the Third Quarter of our lives?

So what can we do now to improve our sense of well being and achieve the future we want?

We are following the following 14 point plan, we hope it helps you too:

  1. Try to drink more water, we find adding lemon or lime helps with rehydration.

  2. Reduce caffeine and sugar, although a little treat is ok.

  3. Eat as healthy as possible with a range of salad and vegetables. Why not challenge yourself to find new things to cook?

  4. Reduce or eliminate watching or reading the news, why not read a good book or listen to music instead?

  5. Setting a defined time if you are working from home, looking for work, or considering your future.

  6. Setting a defined time for relaxation - reading, playing a game, get outside in nature if you can.

  7. Practice relaxation techniques - breathing and meditation.

  8. Get your heart rate up for 10 minutes each day and make use of your hours exercise positively.

  9. Change your clothes between work and relaxation, it helps change your mental attitude.

  10. Understand your current financial situation and what you can actively do to improve it if you need to.

  11. Actively focus on your positive future. What do you want to do? What can you do now to work towards it?

  12. Work at being positive. Attitude is a choice and you can choose to be happy or sad.

  13. Take a moment to be grateful for something.

  14. Laugh - every day.

We are capable of making changes and being stronger for those changes. Let us not get left behind and start working on our work and life futures, and TQT is here to help you

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