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Make a video they said. It’s easy they said.

We were talking recently with some marketing experts on the best ways to get the TQT message out to people - who we are, what we do and why we are doing it. They said: “make videos, its easy and everyone is doing it”. Well if it's easy and everyone is doing it and it’s the best way to market the business then let’s do it, we said.

My first attempts at videoing myself talking about TQT were not a disaster but were not great either. I had written a storyboard, got myself all prepared (wardrobe, makeup – the works) and had several attempts. I sent the best one I sent to my Creative Director for comment. Oh dear. The lighting and background did not work – it was too bright, the light levels changed. The background was a door. Not very inspiring. I had tried with the wallpaper as a background but that was worse. My notes were on the keyboard and I was using the camera in the computer to do the recording, but it meant that I couldn’t constantly look into the camera. I think the comment was “I got a bit seasick with you keep flicking from the camera to notes and back again”. The conclusion that we came to was that it needed two of us, one to do the camera and the other to do the talking.

So – take 2 as they say. Storyboard written. Date arranged for a practice filming. So why do I feel anxious? I am only talking about things relating to people over 50 that I know about. My own experiences. And how I want to help others. Thinking that filming me unawares might work, my Creative Director asks me to just walk him through my script, with the camera on. I seize up, go blank and can’t say anything followed by a fit of the giggles. I have a go. More giggles. Have another go, this time dissolving into full-scale hysterics. Say something brings the response of “I feel silly”. Which I did. We decided that we would publish anyway - so you can see the video and the outtakes below or on our Facebook page. Laugh with us!

Like a lot of things in life that are worth doing, it is not always easy and not always something that we can all do and feel totally comfortable. But I am going to do this, I am going to learn how to be myself having a conversation with the camera. Learning new things is important for our wellness as well as equipping us with new skills for the future, whatever our age. So watch out for our next videos and of course, the outtakes, as I am sure there will be more to come. I like this quote:

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”– Rikkie Rogers

However, sometimes you need a bit of help. I know that I will succeed as I have the best support, expertise and encouragement to do this. If you would like some friendly help why not contact us, it's free to talk.

#remakingyouyou #careersforover50 #lifecoachingforover50 #lifecoaching

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