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Look after your mental self. What we do.

Life can be stressful at the best of times. Family, health, work, money, home, and more. When one of those has a crisis it can put a strain on the others. If more than one is in crisis at the same time, the pressure can become immense. We know. We have been there. For us, it was work and health and money. A sudden crisis and boom - you don't know what to do first. Sort out your rent, put food on the table, get yourself checked out at the hospital, go job hunting. Managing your life in a crisis is tiring physically. And then you can’t sleep and you are in danger of spiraling. It's your mental health that takes a real battering but we are quite good at hiding that and very bad at asking for help - when we need it most.

The Covid-19 pandemic is a national and personal crisis. The restrictions we now live under have meant a change for us all in the way that we live and work. The situation has heightened our levels of stress and anxiety. Fear that we will not be able to find food, or will be sick or die, or cause sickness or death to others. Fear that we will not be able to continue to earn a living and pay for our homes or the things that we need. Fear that others will behave in a way that will harm us, to the extent of panic when going shopping for food. Living in the UK these fears are new to many of us and hit at our base instincts for survival. For us at Third Quarter Tribe, the restrictions hit just as we hit a critical time for the business. Great timing and all that but we know we are not the only business affected.

But this all has an affect on our emotional wellbeing too. Worry can cause a lack of sleep, panic, and fear, using more of our energy, leaving us exhausted and wondering how we will cope both now and in the future. Not being able to see our friends or family face to face, or be able to give someone a hug makes us feel more isolated and alone without the restrictions on our movements outdoors.

The key things that have helped us through this situation have been:

  • Establishing a routine. Time for work, exercise, hobby, rest, and some fun every day.

  • Focusing on the future and setting goals, then working every day towards this.

  • The support of those around us who are important to us. Helping each other through the downtimes and laughing together.

  • Getting outdoors and noticing the changes in nature as the season moves from spring into summer. Get sunshine to boost your immune system

  • Sharing how you are feeling with someone who won't judge you and who will listen

  • Listening to yourself. Giving yourself permission to be sad for a while. But make sure you get the physical and spiritual nourishment you need and don't allow yourself to dwell in despair.

  • Do something physical. Every day. Walking, Cycling, Gardening.

  • Meditation and stillness

  • Helping others cope. Care for someone or something

  • Stay connected. Don't cut yourself off from friends and family. They need you. You need them.

As the restrictions ease and we move into whatever our new normal will be, we do so with confidence that the future will be better and that we are stronger for the experience. We have spent some time reflecting, reinforcing what we want to do in the third quarter of our lives. If you would like help with this, contact us and see if we can help you.

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