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Life Coaching.Yes - it's for you too!

Life coaches are always asked what they do. The simple answer is they help you. There are times in our lives where we feel we are not sure what we are doing, where to go next, or what our direction is. We can be consumed by chasing a career or absorbed by raising a family or feel a sense of drift. Then, one day we have a moment of self-awareness that something isn’t quite right. We might feel uncertain or overwhelmed or just unsure. We can be totally in the middle of something and we no longer have perspective on what is important and what’s not.

A life coach helps you sort this out. We don’t give answers. We don’t provide solutions. We work with you to give you the tools to come up with your own ideas, ways forward, and goals. “I could do this without you” – you say. Well quite possibly. But having someone else helping you definitely speeds this process up and stops you from getting stuck or going round in circles. It provides you with new perspectives. A way of looking at things differently. We don’t tell you, you are right or wrong. We help you decide which is better for you, A or B. The we work on a practical plan to get you there.

Who uses life coaches? Anyone and everyone of all ages. We have transitions at regular points in our lives. When we go to school. When we leave home. When we change jobs. When we buy a home. We have crises. Losing a job. Saying goodbye to a loved one. A health problem. Any of these can trigger a process of self-reflection and introspection. This is more than a mid-life crisis. It a time to pause, step back, re-assess then move forward again. It can be about work, relationships, work-life balance, or anything that we need just a little help getting clearer in our minds. And then developing a way forward in the form of a personal action plan.

When we reach one of these transition points we often start to worry. We have trouble sleeping. We may drink a little too much alcohol. We become irritable or suffer mood swings. We feel uncertain about the future and feel there is no-one we can talk to. We don’t want to burden the family. We don’t want to appear weak to employers or needy to friends. And we know the NHS is too busy to help us.

So, what can Third Quarter Tribe life coaches help you with? Firstly, some tips to help cope with anxiety. Sleep. Do some physical exercise. Meditate. Take time out. And breathe.

Then we help you work the problem, identify what’s up and what to do from here. It's non-judgemental. It's friendly. And you are in charge to do as much or little as you like.

If you would like to talk to someone about how a Third Quarter Tribe Life coach can help you -contact us for a free initial chat. And if not us, talk to someone else!

We specialise in working with people over 50, but we work with anyone to help them look at their work, career, starting a business, self-esteem & confidence, life purpose, personal goals, work-life balance, and well-being.

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