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Life Coaching for You. By You!

A question for you. What is Life Coaching? For us, it is about helping people look at themselves from a different angle. To try and bring different perspectives to issues they are thinking about or problems they are grappling with. Like turning fifty and unhappy with your job. Or thinking about starting a business. Or finding the motivation to achieve a goal. Or realising that a situation has changed their lives so much they have to change too. And while we are talking with people, much of the work is being done by themselves. When they are alone and have time to think and process. We meet people and talk through the things they are trying to sort out. We help set goals and review them later. We like to think we help people move forward, get unstuck and, most importantly, be happier.

COVID meant we had to rethink. Like all businesses, we were impacted by the pandemic. Our business based on meeting people face to face came to a screeching halt in March 2020.Faced with an uncertain future in lockdown we wondered how best to continue serving our clients present and future. Especially as the pandemic, illness, lockdown, and the volume of bad news has affected everyone, some more than others. People have lost their jobs, family members, business, and more. Some experience feeling helpless, of not knowing what to do or how to act. And they are looking for help.

Like everyone else, we made the great Zoom-shaped leap to video conferencing and video sessions to continue our work with clients. And boy were we out of our comfort zones. While not “old” by any stretch of the imagination, we are certainly not of the generation that had been brought up to accept video streaming as a natural way of communicating. We, like many others, suffered from camera shyness, a lack of knowledge about how to set up and get the best out of video conferencing and we were not sure how our clients would feel about it. Turns out that while many had the same reservations, the alternative was no communication. So, we all made the change together. And guess what – we all adapted.

And that got us thinking. Could we develop an online service for people? A service where people looking for help could start the process themselves, at home, with some online support from us. Life coaching in your home when you want it. We talked to some of our clients who loved the idea. It was a go! So we did. We put together an online life coaching programme. And it does have some interesting advantages. People don’t have to open up face to face with a life coach. They can undergo self-reflection when it is convenient, at their own pace, and not have to travel. They can take time to consider one part of their life and speed past others if that is what they want.

It also means that life coaching is available for people who otherwise may not have used a life coach before. It is private, accessible, easy to follow. And if there are questions that need answering there is a life coach available to talk to, digitally or in real life. And if people like online life coaching they might also like the face-to-face version as well, digitally or otherwise.

Online and real-world life coaching start from the same point. How well do you understand yourself? Are you clear about what you want out of life? Do you have set goals? Do you know what makes you happy? Have you identified the barriers that stop you from being happy? These questions form the core of life coaching. They are intensely personal and can be quite painful to go over. For some people having that first go at looking at themselves privately may work better than working directly with a life coach from the start. And at the end of our online life coaching, you will have identified some actions for yourself that you want to take forward. And adding support from life coaches means that you are better equipped to make the changes you want. Change can sometimes be really difficult and amongst the hardest things you will ever do. So, when you find it is time to change, it's good to have someone else there in your corner, helping you make those changes and who may have been through something similar. Like we have.

For more information about our online life coaching or to help you to make changes feel free to contact us at Third Quarter Tribe or click here

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