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“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.”

Autumn. A time for reflection? And the time to think about future You. Too corny? Well, they say that when we reach our 50’s we begin to move from one “season” to another, in one of life’s major transition phases. It doesn’t mean that it is just a time of waiting until our “winter” season. Our Third Quarter is a time for putting into action all those things we have learned up to this point and make them work for us. We are not ready to stop. In fact, we are just getting going.

At Third Quarter Tribe we like to learn from nature and right now we are watching autumn arrive. There it is, getting rid of all the old stuff it doesn’t want – leaves falling, flowers fading and seed pods forming. While it looks like a season of endings and things dying back, it is not really a season of sadness or endings at all. Nature is preparing for the coming spring, with roots stocking up and seeds spreading ready to spring into life as soon as the time is right. New things are beginning to sprout and grow. It’s a time for reshaping and rebuilding. Renewal is in the air. OK, so that’s just what we can be doing too, as we move into our fifties and sixties. Jettison the things that no longer work for us, celebrate what’s working and invest in the things that will make our future better.

It’s what I did this time last year and continue to do. I took stock of my accomplishments, the lessons learned, what motivates me, what I like (and don’t like) to do and set about reshaping my life. Out went clothes, routines, hairstyles, jobs, in came training, new clothes and new jobs.

I moved forward to a new way of thinking about the way I work and earn a living, giving myself the time to enjoy life and do some things that I want to do too. And just like nature we all need a little help sometimes. I found it through some people who had the time and patience to work with me to help me find the path forward. And that’s why I set up Third Quarter Tribe. To help others transition into their own new Third Quarter’s, bursting with colour and hope for the future. Life coaching is not scary. It can be fun but also brutally honest as you are the one in charge. But it helps you to decide what to keep, what to throw away and what to develop new.

Can Third Quarter Tribe help you? It's free to ask and you never know where you may end up!

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