50? Give yourself a Tune-Up

Hitting 50 or even 60 is just a number - but it could be a good time to step back and reflect. You are no longer 20 - nor is your body. And for many people, their interests and activities will have radically changed.

So why then are we expected to carry on working the same way as when we were 20 or 30 or even 40. The answer is we are not – that expectation probably comes from you. If you are like me there is a very good chance you were so busy at work building a career or building a family or both you never actually stopped to reflect.

Sometimes it’s a serious health event, a job loss, or some other critical issue forces us to take a step back and unfortunately, that is probably not the best time to make decisions. So if you are reading this - why not have a conversation about what you want to do for the next 20 years. Have that conversation with yourself but also have it with others. People you can trust may have spotted things that you haven’t.

Not convinced? You would give your car a major service every so often – you don’t expect it to go on mile after mile with no support. Why are you different? Why not give yourself a service? If I have convinced you that it might be an idea – you are probably wondering how to start. There are loads of self-help guides out there. But you could start with your health

At Third Quarter Tribe we have a structured self-assessment which we are happy to take you through and then act as an unbiased friendly ear to have a conversation with some of the questions you might have. Do I want to stay working? Do I want to change jobs? Am I happy with my lifestyle? W all have these questions but sometimes we need to actually look at finding answers and making change – the hardest thing to do.

If you would like to have a friendly informal free chat about making changes – contact us. We would really like to hear from you

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