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In 2019 the founders of Third Quarter Tribe CIC came together to build an organisation that puts people first. ​As a social enterprise based in Hastings, East Sussex,   TQT's main emphasis is on providing support and guidance for people over 50 to rethink their work lives, find new directions and help them get restarted.  TQT provides a structured approach that allows people to think through their choices and come up with solutions that fit them - not a one-size-fits-all approach.We help people identify their own strengths and how to communicate their "personal brand" effectively to employers, business partners and customers.

In 2019 our lives changed from being fully employed to facing an uncertain financial and work future, wondering how we were going to earn enough money to live until retirement.  Our journey led us through at first simply attempting to replace what we had been doing with something similar before taking a moment to reflect and realise we had an opportunity to do something different. Something fun and something we believed in. We also realised it didn't just have to be ONE thing. We could combine different work and volunteering opportunities and have a much more flexible work-life balance (with some crafty time management!). We call this a portfolio career. Earning enough money, giving something back and enjoying a better balance in our lives until we choose to retire.  


We recognised that there are an increasing number of people facing the same challenges but alone, and struggling to find support. We believe that older workers face a series of barriers including ageism.  And this was something we could help people with by helping them identify opportunities, create their own career and income plans, and help market themselves and their ideas.   Also, having worked extensively in our local communities we had seen similar problems that both small business start-ups, local entrepreneurs, and community and voluntary groups face in increasing their visibility and attracting clients or volunteers. We are focused on helping people over 50 find a lifestyle that suits them, to find ways of earning an income, or start a business into their retirement possibly at 70 or beyond.​ We also want to work with employers seeking to increase diversity in their workforce and learn about the benefits of employing older workers.

Why A Social Enterprise?


We are a small friendly professional organisation that wants to make a profit, pay staff, support volunteers to develop new skills and put something back into the community. That takes money. We  believe that by offering an affordable, professional, no frills service we can supply good quality services to local organisations at rates they can afford and that will enable us to deliver our social goals in Hastings Bexhill and Rother and across East Sussex. These are:

1.Helping people post the age of 50 develop new skills, new careers and earn an income.

2. Helping small organisations who may not have a paid marketing and PR function by providing an affordable marketing and communications service.

3. Develop a network of supportive business to create training and work opportunities for older people.

We are business with a social heart. and by being a Community Interest Company a profits we make are ploughed back into the community - by law.

We are led by the things we find most important in our lives






  • If we are not having fun, then we are not being creative. If we are not creative we are not dreaming

  • We never make a promise we don't intend to keep

  • If we are going to do something, we try and do it well and to the best of our ability

  • We treat ALL people and their ideas with warmth and respect

  • No-one is excluded. Ever.


At Third Quarter Tribe we value difference and strive for equality.  We believe diversity matters and drives innovation and creativity.  We are growing a network of tools, support, and people designed to help you reflect and manage your career.  Whomever you are. 

We thought this was an interesting quote that sums up why values are important to any organisation. A creative director of a luxury fashion house said this:

Luxury itself "has actually never changed." Rather, it has become more clear that definitions of luxury are personally and individually determined, and it's up to the buyer to choose which maison's style and brand of luxury most closely align with their values. 

Zaim Kamal

We hope that our values appeal to you



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