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Recharge Refresh Restart 

It helps to have someone on your side. Someone to talk to. Someone to bounce ideas off. Someone to help you get going. Third Quarter Tribe can help.


We help you re-discover yourself. Your strengths. Your ideas. Your ambitions. Then help you get started making them a reality.

If you want to find out how you can contact us right now or book a free meeting with one of our Life Coaches and take it from there.


Or if you are ready to have that honest conversation with yourself, start evaluating yourself with help from life coaches, at your own pace, through the Guided Conversation Online.


Things Happen.



A Journey

A self-guided journey to understand yourself better, your motivations, your likes and your passions in order to identify what things you want to develop for the future.


Rooted in current theory from psychology, health and wellness The Guided Conversation Online takes you though a 7 step process. Supported by a life coach you will:


  • practice self awareness

  • uncover your passions

  • identify things you want to change

  • understand how different parts of you life connect

  • define those actions you want to take forward

Delivered by an interactive blend of knowledge, video, exercises and questionnaires.



Great Value

Normally £225             NOW £57

How much are you willing to invest in YOURSELF? For the price of a good night out you will receive all the tools you need to think about what make you happy and how you are going to achieve it. And if you want help - our life coaches are always available.

  • 7 Module Programme takes about 14 hours (normal price £749)

  • 6 Resource Packs worth £150 

  • 3 hours free life coaching worth £120

  • 3 months free membership of The Tribe worth £21

  • 10% discount on all further life coaching



Solve your issues

Life is complex and challenging. It throws problems at us continually. And for the most part we successfully solve them and navigate through life. Sometimes though they can seem overwhelming. Especially when they arrive unexpectedly, leaving us not knowing what to do, or where to go for help.


The COVID-19 pandemic has made things even more difficult and gave us new things to cope with a swell.  Sometimes we all need a little help.

Bench on Autumn Leaves


Embrace the new

Its hard to say to life  STOP ! Let me Think. And yet at points in your life you need to find the time to rethink and reset. The Guided Conversation provides a structure and rhythm that allows you to think about your life differently, to gain fresh perspectives. It runs at the pace you want it to, meaning you can linger over parts that really resonate.

We know change is hard. Letting things go that worked for you 20 or 30 years ago is difficult and scary. We need to learn new things and that can be fraught with uncertainty and risk. But that is how we rejuvenate and find new wonderful things to do with our lives.


The Guided Conversation helps you sort out what it is time to say goodbye to, and where your exciting new future might be.



Re-look at yourself

Key questions we all typically ask ourselves include:

  • Is this it?

  • What is my life's purpose?

  • When I have gone - what will people say about me?

  • How can i be happier right now

  • How can I be healthier?

  • What is success for me?

  • What are my goals right now?

  • What does my future look like?

Asking your self meaningful questions can be difficult. Especially when you may not like the answers. But learning to be honest with yourself is the first, but not-so-easy step. The Guided Conversation lets you look at yourself in a non-judgmental and holistic, all-round way. It is not an inventory of your faults. It is not a book of solutions. It is a programme that helps you look at yourself and life from different standpoints. At the end there is no right answer. Just the things you have decided you want to do and achieve.

Image by Stephen Leonardi


Remake you you

The Guided Conversation Online consists of 7 modules. They each take about 2 hours to do. But they can be done in stages.

We recommend that you complete one module every 2 weeks which gives time to think and digest.


At regular points there are exercises for you to practice some of the ideas we layout. They are there for you to use or not. Its your choice.

Completing every module there is a self-assessment questionnaire. This is sent to your life coach who will then provide some overall feedback. Again for you to accept or not.

At the end of each module you will choose 2 key actions you want to go forward with. This will build into your personal action plan by the end of the course.

At any point you can email your life coach with a any questions you might have.

At the end of the course you can contact TQT for additional life coaching which will be offered at a 10% discount for as long as you want it.

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