Life doesn't always work out the way we expect it to. We do not live our lives along a fixed track. Unexpected things happen good and bad.

Sometimes its works out for the better. But sometimes it doesn't and we find oursleves confused, anxious and unhappy.

The trick is to find your path out of a negative state and back to finding happiness.

And the answer lies within you. We help you find it.

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Take Charge

Be that person who knows where they are going and how they are going to get there. Happy and fulfilled.

At times in our lives we can have so many plates spinning in the air we end up rushing from one to the other, never stopping to think whether we need to be doing all these things, and even if they are the right things for us. We can end up confused, demotivated and exhausted. And unhappy.

If this feels familiar, Life Coaching maybe right for you. We can help you to sort out whats important , whats not, where your ambitions lie, where your blockages are, and help you come up with a practical plan and a sense of direction that will get you going and bring you happiness.



The Guided Conversation

Life coaching is about helping you rediscover the things that are important to you. It unashamedly puts you first. Thinking about ourselves and putting our needs to the front can be uncomfortable for many of us. We think it is selfish. It is most definitely not. But unless you care for you - who will? Life coaching helps you unlock those issues that are causing stress, prioritise key actions to take and show you how to move forward.


Our life coaching is dictated by you. If you are unsure where or how try downloading our FREE E-Book Here. Alternatively you can contact us and we can start you on our Guided Conversation programme. This is a 7 step process which, with a TQT life coach, helps  you look at your life from different perspectives. There is no pressure. No deadlines. And the only right answers are the ones you develop for yourself.  Or try our online life coaching programme,  The Guided Conversation Online, at your own pace.

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 Will I benefit?

We can't supply you with answers. But we can help you ask the right questions. So whether it is a crossroads in your life, or suddenly it all seems a struggle or you just need a little help to sort things out, life coaching is for you. It helps thousands of people every year to pause, take a fresh look then move forward with clarity and energy.

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Invest in yourself

How much would you spend on a pair of jeans? Or a fridge? Or a holiday? Or your hobby? Now ask this question "how much am I willing to invest in myself?"  Life coaching is really what you are willing to put into it. Your own time, thoughts and energy. We help you structure those thoughts and ideas in to a way forward that can set the pattern for the next few years of your life. What is that worth?

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Remaking you you

Not at all. Highly successful people use life coaches to help them structure their next moves. In the same way as top athletes will use a personal trainer to get to the next level, people use life coaches to help  de-clutter themselves, discover their hidden gems,  choose ways forward and solve pressing issues. You are investing in your life, health and wellbeing.

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Start your journey

Life coaching can help at ANY age.  Our lives are marked by a series of milestones, big and small. Like going to school for instance, or leaving home, getting a job, having children, retirement and so on. We call these milestones "transitions" and they can cause us to become reflective, anxious and sometimes fearful. There is no handbook to life so we do the best we can. A good life coach can help you along the way. We also find that as you get older you are "expected" to know the answers and have life sorted. This is not the case and arguably as we get older we need a bit more help and input.