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Julia P, 52

I wasn't expecting much to be honest. But it was really quite deep and I am glad I completed it.

Dave C, 62

At first, I didn't think it made any difference. Then over a few weeks I realised I had begun to think about things differently and helped me make  a set of life changing choices

Alison F, 58

It made me really think about my life. It ws difficult at times as I had to face things I had kept hidden. But worth it in the end

Thinking about yourself, really thinking about yourself is not easy. It can feel self indulgent, especially when other people depend on you. Friends, families, colleagues. We often put our own concerns to one side when supporting other people many of whom really need you.

But if you don't, who is looking out for you? 

Our lives change as we age. Things that were important, no longer are. New challenges arrive. Our energy, health, behaviours, diets, viewpoints all change. But how many of us STOP and THINK?

Stop to think... Am I the person I wanted to be? Am I doing the things I wanted to do? Am I happy?

Taking time out to answer these questions is important. Carrying on down a road doing the same old things, all day every day is not living. Its existing. We live to dream and make those dreams a reality.

10 years of


We have the know-how you need.

We help you take the time you need. We help you ask yourself the right questions, the questions that move you forward. We help you make changes. We help you be HAPPY.


Life Coaching is new for most people. But everyone we help say it helped them in their lives and made them think about themselves in ways they never have before.  Now you can start for FREE to see if you like it.

No obligations. No Catch. No sign-Ups.


Just download our first module Be Happy - Make a Change for free. We are confident that you will find it interesting enough to sign up for our paid self guided life coaching course, The Guided Conversation Online. And if you don't like it - we guarantee your money back. NO questions and NO quibbles. That's right - Your Money Back. But we are so confident that you will find the course useful that you will stay with us.

We are life coaches with years of experience of helping people rediscover their zest for life.

Our founder and Life Coach Jan Cutting, has a  personal vision to help people over come their personal barriers and find happiness.  Find out more about Jan and Third Quarter Tribe at

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