Do you need to make a change in your life but don't know how?

Make your life the best it can be


Its time to re-evaluate whats important to you and take the first steps to changing your life and finding happiness.

Many of us just keep going. Pay the rent; keep up with the bills; making sure children, parents and loved ones are happy... putting everyone else first. If you are lucky, people around you will appreciate your effort. But our experience is that if you don't look after you, no-one else will.

It is OK to sometimes put yourself first. To consider your needs. But how? Maybe we can help. We offer a 7-module programme that will help you identify whats important to you, what makes you happy and how you want to go forward from here. Interested?

The Guided Conversation Online © has been designed to help people look at themsleves honestly. Identify strengths. Look at the future. Realise your ideas.  And identify a way forward. It's a personal conversation with yourself. We have designed an interactive, 7-module programme that will ask you to think about your self in very different ways. And how much does such a potentially life changing  investment like this cost? Less than the cost of a weekend break.

  • It is led by you, on your own, at your own pace

  • It's interesting and stimulating

  • Taps into centuries of practice and know-how but updated for today

  • Your answers are yours alone. Its all about you

  • There are no right or wrong choices

  • Support from life coaches if you would like it, to help you interpret, discuss or give a view

  • You create your own practical plan to happiness

The Guided Conversation Online

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Sarah L, 54


I was headed down the route of finding a job in catering again until I did the Guided Conversation Online.  It gave me the confidence to follow my dreams and start my own business which I have always wanted to do.

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Val C, 60

The Guided Conversation Online showed me a way that I haven’t looked at myself before.  Although it is not always easy, I am glad that I did it and will continue to use the skills that I learnt.

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Rozanne F


As I moved through the Guided Conversation online I was surprised by the wide range of interesting topics and ways of thinking about myself that I was not aware of.  I particularly liked the information that I could download and keep to use again when I need.

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Stuart P, 54


I thought that I was doing what I always wanted to do but the Guided Conversation Online made me realise that I do need to think a bit more about my future.  Thanks

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Heather E, 51


My physical long term illness makes it difficult for me to think about a different future.  The Guided Conversation online was interesting and focused my mind on other things that I can change, such as balancing my overall Wellness which helps my disability

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Jo S, 45


I got really stuck and couldn’t move forward in my writing.   With the help of the Guided Conversation Online and the support of a Life Coach helping me to think about myself, I am really happy to say that my book is really coming along.

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Reached a point in life where something needs to change but you don't know how or even what?


Do you keep putting off making decisions telling yourself its not the right time or somebody else comes first?

We all get stuck, sometimes we don't know how to get unstuck.

We can help.

What works for many people is to have someone objective to talk to, and to find a way to gain a little perspective on their lives. What seems important in the moment may turn out to be an anchor weighing you down, stopping you from fullfilling your dreams. Being Happy.

The Guided Conversation Online may be for you. It is a self guided program that helps you identify whats important and whats not. What to let go of and  what to do next.

And to help you get started we are giving away the first module for free - so you can try it out.




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Our FREE module introduces you to a different way of thinking about yourself.

It  contains one of our coaching tools that enables you to look at your life from various perspectives and by doing so start the process of self discovery. What makes you happy? Yes its FREE - no monthly sign-ups and no obligation to buy.

If you like the free module, you can sign up to the Guided Conversation. A 7-module, interactive, self guided program you can do at home - and it comes with our unique MONEY BACK guarantee. If you aren't happy with it we will refund you. No quibbles.  

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